Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Bunny is home!

Well I totally did this backwards, but oh well Forrest couldn't wait to jump in the pool but he waited untill the Monday after he returned and here he is taking a swim.
Doing a cannon ball We built the pool right after he left on his mission.
This is Bro. Marriot and was the ward mission leader and a very awesome man and a dear friend to Forrest. We stayed Sat. night with him and went to church on Sunday and Forrest spoke it was very wonderful to visit his wardf and feel of the spirit of Forrest with this wonderful families.
Here is the church building, some people drive 11/2 hours one way to church every Sunday. Their Stake is one of the largest in the continental U.S. The Stake Pres. lives 3 hours away and put 72,000 miles on his personal car last year for church service. Wow! We live in such a different world here and it really put things in perspective for me. We really had a great time and it was awesome to spend a few days with Forrest as a missionary what an awesome Spirit that he has. We also got Calli married that weekend but don't have pics yet but will soon and post those later Thanks to all who helped with everything especially family we had a busy week and appreciate all everyone did fore us Thanks again.
We picked up Forrest AKA( the Bunny) Here we are with his Mission Pres. Howell and his wife.
After we picked him up we headed to the Mall of America wow! it was huge I absolutely could have stayed there the whole time but we saw what we needed to and then we were of to Duluth.
Duluth was very bueatiful and here we are in front of Lake Superior. We next went to Ashland Wisc.
Here is his Apt. For the last 6 months and here is the veiw from his apt. Never once heard anything about this view or the lake. (boys)
Isn't it beautiful was very chilly also I kind of wished I brought my thermals it was about 60 degrees and people were swimming in the lake crazy!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

What Up?

Well I am so a slacker and have not updated for awhile but here goes (get ready for a long post) This is in backwards order starting with the most recent. Heather started High School on Mon. She feels like she already went last year because she played Volleyball on the High School team so she knows alot of upper classman but she likes it and has all really good teachers. Isn't she bueatiful?
Sterling and I and some friends the Knights went on a quick trip to Las Vegas to a convention thing for the trading blanket it was busy and fast but a lot of fun. (Sorry Cassi that we didn't hook up) Here is a pic. of the new bridge going in at hoover dam. Only picI took
Sterling and Buck and some good friends and family went to Texas on a hunting trip Sterling got this Sheep.
One day this last month my cousin invited us all over to her house to swim and visit it was a great time we had a blast. My grand kids loved all the new and different toys got some good ideas for Christmas. It wa fun to be with family we have so much fun when we are together.
Rocky, Joleen, Ryland, Parker, Jamie, Meagan.and Hunter
Ayla, Julie and Lincoln and Butch and Bradens backs. Thank you Cindi and Carol Lu it was a blast.
Sterlings Uncle Henry died and all the cousins pretty much came from every where and we got a group picture. It was an awesome funeral for an awesome man. Well, now we start a whole nether busy couple of weeks so I better post know or I never will. We leave on thursday to go and get Elder Leavitt from Minneapolis and return on Monday can not wait. Then on The 28th Calli and Richard are getting married. (what was I thinking ) oh well it will all come together and be wonderful.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

I know it is a little late but what the heck. We celebrated the 4th right here in our backyard and ate and swam and watched fire works it was a lot of fun just relaxing at home.
Butch and Lindsey decided to be human basketballs and kept going through the hoop.
This is Lindsey but she went head first. My grandchildren are the biggest fishes even Hunter who screamed all through ISR now he loves the water and loves to swim and float on his back.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Campers!

We just returned from Girls Camp at Camp Lo-Mia and it was very fun. We were the cooks assistants and it was a lot of work. We really ate good and I think we all gained a few pounds. It was really nice weather (I froze the whole time) Here is flag ceremony one morning. Calli was the Staff cabin mom. She did great and that is her in the back with the black sweatshirt folding her arms.
Breakfast one morning we had biscuits and gravy. Calli, Kayla,and Cammie.
Heather and her friend Marley.
The goofy cooks but we really had a good time and are glad its over. The theme was Incredigirls finding the Power within. We were the Super Chefs. All the classes and programs were amazing good job Staff and Tacey the Camp director.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Diamond Backs!

We went to a Diamond Backs game this week. It was alot of fun. Although they lost against the CUBS but we srill had fun. We set in the Home Run Porch It was a blast only a couple of steps for the crip to hop up and down and we had free food and drinks all night. It was fabulous.
Hoke and Diane went with us what a bunch of goofy guys (not Diane ) I snapped this just as Hoke had to cough but it was the only pic of Diane so sorry Hoke.
I think Sterling and Hoke ate 3 or 4 or 5 of everything on the menu. You can tell. Hoke just relaxing yelling for the CUBS! Load em up hit a dinger.
Sterling enjoying the nachos! (they were good)
And of course anybody who knows me knows I love cotton candy so I had to get one. Our sweet waitress ran out and bought me one so I didn't have to get up. What a doll! Oh and we rode that tram thing that was an experience in its self but it was fun met some new people and had a great time. WE picked it up at Sycamore and Main and rode all the way to the ball park. The fun was riding home with everyone else and there dog. I think all of Mesa rode this that night. All in all we had a great time but next time I think we will use the parking pass.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Well we are having enough accidents at our house. Tuesday Sterling was riding one of his mules and it in a gallop and went down head first and Sterling went with. He put his hands out to catch him but with all the force( and with a 1200 pound mule rolling on you also ) He came out with 2 broken elbows. So her he is he can't feed himself, scratch his nose head or anything, can't hold the phone to his ear,but he can laugh. We both just look at each other and laugh. 2 cripples taking care of each other.
The injured. I hope that we are all done with these darn breaks.
Grandpa with 2 of his boys. Butch and Rocky. Everyone has been very helpful and we appreciate everything escp. Joleen and James , Buck and Meagan. Calli and Heather, and Gina for all the meals and help, running to the store and just being SLAVES. Thank you and we love you!

General Confrence Sunday

We have a Tradition On General Conference Sunday Before the !st Session Sterling cooks waffles on the camping waffle iron. YUMMY! They are so good so here are some pics from that.
James is cooking some eggs.
Lindsey blessing the food and everyone and everything. She is the best prayer giver.
Spilled milk! And Grandma and Butch and Lindsey watching Conference.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Hello! We are still alive.

It has been a long time since I have posted and I apologize. I had my second surgery and got all that metal taken out and can semi function as a human being. I still can put no weight on the leg but I am doing o.k. I really appreciate all the thoughtful phone calls and visits, and all the dinners that have been brought in thank you very much.
Rocky loves to ride on his grandmas wheels.
Our Stake had a preparedness fair on Sat. It was really fun my grand kids loved it free hot dogs, Rootbeer, nachos and COTTON CANDY ( my fav) They had these blow up slides and jumpy things they were so cool. (thanks to my neighbor) well Butch wasn't sure if he liked the big slide but he went down.
Lindsey on the other hand loved it and kept begging everybody to take her down( even me) She must have went 20 times.
It was fun to get outside and out of the house for a little bit. I was looking forward to going to Gen. Conference this next weekend and getting out but my doctor won't let me go. Something about blood clots oh well I tried maybe next year. (sorry Paula)