Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I don't know what happened but these got left out. Here is Rocky he doesn't really like Santa yet.
Hunter doesn't like him either boy will that change in a few years.
Butch and Lindsey being wise men in our Nativity.

Here is our Vegas trip. Really had alot of fun and totally can't wait until we do another girls trip.
Heather's new club team Spiral 161. They won second place at the Fiesta Classic.
Something new they make them walk out and wave something they do at nationals so they have started to do it here.
Fo's engaged.
Meagan and I got pressure canners for we are canning Chicken
Buck had a Helicopter ride everything was fine but needed to make sure, had a tussle with a mule.

Sterlings Big Horn Sheep

Well as you all know I am a big slacker so I will try to stay on top of this blog and keep it updated. Alot has happened in our mundane lives Calli was married, Christmas came and went Forrest is engaged and is getting married on the 20th. Heather is playing club and track Sterling got drawn for big horn sheep and shot one yea! I got to go on a girls trip with my sisters and girls and nieces and sister in law to Vegas it was way fun and way needed so I am going to put a few pics up and hope it will catch everyone up.