Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Campers!

We just returned from Girls Camp at Camp Lo-Mia and it was very fun. We were the cooks assistants and it was a lot of work. We really ate good and I think we all gained a few pounds. It was really nice weather (I froze the whole time) Here is flag ceremony one morning. Calli was the Staff cabin mom. She did great and that is her in the back with the black sweatshirt folding her arms.
Breakfast one morning we had biscuits and gravy. Calli, Kayla,and Cammie.
Heather and her friend Marley.
The goofy cooks but we really had a good time and are glad its over. The theme was Incredigirls finding the Power within. We were the Super Chefs. All the classes and programs were amazing good job Staff and Tacey the Camp director.