Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Well what have we been doing? I really don't know but I got a new horse and she is really fun. She is a Dunn, Quarter horse she is 17 so she safe and a lot of fun to ride. This is a picture of Calli we went out to ride one day and she was up by her head(the horses) and I was saddling her and as I cinched up the saddle she turned and bit Calli right through her shirt it hurt but it is funny now. If some of you remember Red Bucks old horse he bit Calli too on the stomach so we think she is just to sweet.
This is the horse no name yet any suggestions?
Joleen and Rocky

We had pudding one night after dinner and I guess Butch wasn't hungry but not Lindsey she ate hers all up. I think Butch thought it was finger paint. I have been working on my Africa scrapbook and it has consumed a lot of my time I don,t think I am even half way yet. Heather is playing Basketball and it is over this week and then she moves on to either track or softball. She is still playing club volleyball and gets to go to Hawaii in March.