Friday, June 18, 2010

where have the last 2 months gone?

My dad had eye surgery a couple of weeks ago. Poor guy has had 7 cornea transplants and none took so last resort is to take the eye out. So they did... He has had a really rough time but is finally feeling a little better. This is the day after surgery and it looks way better then it gets but he is a trooper and still kept us laughing even when he was in a lot of pain. I love my dad he is a great man he has endured a lot of physical painful stuff in his life but has bounced back and enjoyed it to the fullest. He always has time and had time for us kids and we did alot together, Hunting, fishing,water skiing, sports, and he never failed to be at every boring dance recitial and everything. He taught us to love our Savior and raised us to love and live the gospel. I love you dad and have a early happy Fathers Day!! You are the best.
Butch and his teacher Miss Jenna.
The Grad and his family
Butch loved school because his bff Easton was there too.
More of Butches graduation he loved school
Butch graduated from preschool. Such a cutie!
Lindsey loves to ride her bike. Such a big girl.
Here is Spiral 16 black at the Region tournament in Ariz. We won the 16 open. We are going to Nationals in Reno. June 29th
Spiral 16 blacks did very well took 5th.
Joleen and I took a really quick trip to Reno to watch Heather play volleyball .