Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mothers Day!!!!

Mothers Day was great. All my children that live here came and went to church with us. What a wonderful Church  meeting. Sterling gave me the best gift ever, I didn't have to teach the Gospel Doctrine class he did it. (What a great husband) We teach it together and the week before Mothers Day he was sick and I had to teach all by my self so he did me a favor love him. Here are all the gifts that i was given on mothers day.. I know I am so spoiled.. They all gave me a corsage. 
 Forrest and Arianna gave me this cute necklace with changing pieces I love it! And a jar of her Strawberry Jam!!! (score)
 Buck and Meagan gave me a coupon for 2 full dinners..Yes, I hate to cook,( been doing it way to long)

 Calli &Richard & Jo and James gave me a gift certificate for pedicures.(llooooove that! Also got the cutest video from the Verenski boys! loved do much i could just KISS"EM
 Sterling and Heather gave me a POINT LOMA T-shirt. I have to tell you why, Heather went on 5 visits to decide where she would go to college at every school we got a t-shirt but, at Point Loma we didn't buy one( the book store did't have any cute ones ) and so where does she decide to go... of course the one we did't buy a shirt. So now I have a shirt....yea!!
Richard and Calli gave me the LEAVITT sign that Richard made and Forrest and Arianna gave me the welcome sign love them both and already have spots for them. Thank you everybody for a great Mothers Day!! I love my children each of them and their spouses. I hope everybody had a great day and truly enjoyed the blessings of being a mother.. We are so excited for May 21st To come then all my kids will be here. Joleen and her children are flying in can not wait. Haven't held Danica since she was 4 days old... This Grandma is excited....Party at Leavitts all week....

Thursday, May 3, 2012

April and She did it!!!!

Well  Heather is graduating this year and has been trying to find a college to attend next year. There has been a # of colleges that have recruited her. She has taken a number of visits also. One Arianna and I were able to go with her. We went to San Diego! It was so fun... Here are some pics of the beach.

 It has gotten pretty warm already and Meagan bought her kids a slip'n'slide. They don't have grass so they needed to borrow mine. What a fun time they really enjoyed it.

 Hyrum (Gus) really liked the spray water. He kept trying to drink it but every time I tried to get his picture he would move. But this is cute also.
 My Mom Celebrated her 82nd Birthday. It was fun. We had lunch! Then celebrated on Saturday for lunch with all the girls and Cousins it was a really good time...
 Went to Lindseys ball game one night and she played catcher.. She did awesome and is the cutest catcher ever.

 We also had a really fun time at the SRP Dance in the streets Dinner. Joe Nichols came and did a concert. Wow it was amazing he is really good and  I really enjoyed the company.

 On Monday April 30th Heather signed to attend Point Loma in San Diego and play Volleyball on a scholarship. Here Sterling is skyped with Joleen so she could be a part of the party.
 Heather signing. Wow where has the time gone? My baby is all grown up...

 All the supporters and # 1 fans there to witness the signing. We are so excited that she will be close and get to go and watch a lot of her games. (not to mention the school is right on the beach. It is beautiful there and I think we will be there a lot)
This has been a busy April but that is good we want it to go by fast because... Joleen and her kids are coming in May and we can"t wait for them to come.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy!

These are in the wrong order but oh well... Our MaMa Watusi had its calf this last week..It is a boy and looks like his mother..Her last calf was spotted like the dad. But everyone is good and growing already.Calli got to go and spend 5 days with Joleen and family and her is a picture of the boys I made hats for them and she took them for me..

I had a Birthday this last month and it was a good one.. it was on Sunday so we had a picnic outside it was great weather and had a lot of fun.Here Buck is going to rope Heather.
Here is the family eating our lunch.
We had a baby goat born on my Birthday!! What a great surprise did'nt even know she was pregnant..But he is cute anyways.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

When the cats away....

When we got back from Vegas someone had stopped by for some Ice Cream.. Don't know who, but would think they would get rid of the evidence!!!!!

Vegas Baby!!

We had a great trip to Las Vegas. Heather played in a Volleyball tournament there. In her age bracket 18 open there was 200 teams. Her team actually did well Heather played great and of course i didn't take any pictures but it was fun. These tournaments are nice they play 4 hours in the morning pool or 4 hours in the afternoon pool so you have plenty of time to go and do other things. One night heather's team went to dinner and a show they got to see Phantom of the opera. They loved it. Forrest and Arianna came up for a couple of days and we had fun. Of course we hit serendipity3 and had Ariannas favorite frozen hot chocolate. It was yummy!

We wlked fremont street which I had never been down that far and it was fun. Sterling totally loved watching all the statue people he always stopped and watched them here he posed for a pic.
We stayed at the Paris Paris Hotel it was great and they totally have the best crepes
If you know me very well my favorite dessert is Creme Brulee and they had it everywhere so I had to have one!! I think we hit every Buffet there is..(if you know Sterling he loves a Buffet) All in all it was a very fun relaxing trip.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's about time!!!

I have been getting a lot of "smack" lately about not updating tried to get Calli to help ,tried to get Heather... but I guess I need to just do it.. Well, where do I begin... We moved to the Ranch, We absolutely love it out here..Our Ward is great and we love the laid back life style(HAHA) Life is GREAT! I guess I will start with Buck and Meagan moved out here around the corner so that is awesome having them close, Joleen and James are in Illinois and we miss them a ton but we have gone to visit and they had a new addition in January. A sweet baby GIRL! yes no typo a GIRL!! We weren't able to be there for the birth but we left right after and surprised them all it was awesome. Butch and Rocky were so excited to see us. Danica Jo is darling and healthy and her and mom are doing great. Had a great visit and hated to leave but they will be coming in May to visit for a couple of weeks (maybe we can kidnap a couple of BOYS) for Heather's graduation. Yes my baby is graduating from High school. Heather is playing club with Club Red this year and doing well she has some offers on the table for colleges but now the hard part of deciding. We are heading to Las Vegas for a tournament this weekend and we will see what happens there. Everyone is good and we have been blessed greatly, love my family and friends and enjoy seing them as much as we can. Hope there isn't to many pictures but bear with me.....