Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Well for those of you who know Hoke (enough said) he is just airing something out I guess.
All of us girls after stuffing ourselves.
Arianna, Heather and Calli ready to go for a ranger ride.
Butch and Lindsey ready to ride.
Jo and Rocky all bundled up. We really had a great time we were unsuccessful in the Hunt but what do you expect from a bunch of GIRLS.

Thanksgiving and Elk Hunt

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We (Me, Calli, Heather, And Meagan) got drawn for Bull Elk in unit 4b. That is up behind Forrest Lakes. We had a blast! not only did it rain but it snowed. We had some friends who went to help us track the big bulls. The Holyoaks and the Knights. This is were Buck and Meagan slept.
This is where Everyone else slept.(except the Holyoaks and the Knights). Thank goodness for a Trailer it has a Toilet and a shower and a Heater. Arianna went with us also to help Joleen babysit all the little kids while we were hunting. Thank you so much Arianna we couldn't have done it with you. You are the greatest!
Here is our Thanksgiving Feast. It was Fabulous. We were camping but we had a great meal with all the fixins.
Meagan keeping little Hunter warm.
This is what we woke up to Thanksgiving morning. A White Thanksgiving it was awesome.