Sunday, August 16, 2009

What Up?

Well I am so a slacker and have not updated for awhile but here goes (get ready for a long post) This is in backwards order starting with the most recent. Heather started High School on Mon. She feels like she already went last year because she played Volleyball on the High School team so she knows alot of upper classman but she likes it and has all really good teachers. Isn't she bueatiful?
Sterling and I and some friends the Knights went on a quick trip to Las Vegas to a convention thing for the trading blanket it was busy and fast but a lot of fun. (Sorry Cassi that we didn't hook up) Here is a pic. of the new bridge going in at hoover dam. Only picI took
Sterling and Buck and some good friends and family went to Texas on a hunting trip Sterling got this Sheep.
One day this last month my cousin invited us all over to her house to swim and visit it was a great time we had a blast. My grand kids loved all the new and different toys got some good ideas for Christmas. It wa fun to be with family we have so much fun when we are together.
Rocky, Joleen, Ryland, Parker, Jamie, Meagan.and Hunter
Ayla, Julie and Lincoln and Butch and Bradens backs. Thank you Cindi and Carol Lu it was a blast.
Sterlings Uncle Henry died and all the cousins pretty much came from every where and we got a group picture. It was an awesome funeral for an awesome man. Well, now we start a whole nether busy couple of weeks so I better post know or I never will. We leave on thursday to go and get Elder Leavitt from Minneapolis and return on Monday can not wait. Then on The 28th Calli and Richard are getting married. (what was I thinking ) oh well it will all come together and be wonderful.