Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Bunny is home!

Well I totally did this backwards, but oh well Forrest couldn't wait to jump in the pool but he waited untill the Monday after he returned and here he is taking a swim.
Doing a cannon ball We built the pool right after he left on his mission.
This is Bro. Marriot and was the ward mission leader and a very awesome man and a dear friend to Forrest. We stayed Sat. night with him and went to church on Sunday and Forrest spoke it was very wonderful to visit his wardf and feel of the spirit of Forrest with this wonderful families.
Here is the church building, some people drive 11/2 hours one way to church every Sunday. Their Stake is one of the largest in the continental U.S. The Stake Pres. lives 3 hours away and put 72,000 miles on his personal car last year for church service. Wow! We live in such a different world here and it really put things in perspective for me. We really had a great time and it was awesome to spend a few days with Forrest as a missionary what an awesome Spirit that he has. We also got Calli married that weekend but don't have pics yet but will soon and post those later Thanks to all who helped with everything especially family we had a busy week and appreciate all everyone did fore us Thanks again.
We picked up Forrest AKA( the Bunny) Here we are with his Mission Pres. Howell and his wife.
After we picked him up we headed to the Mall of America wow! it was huge I absolutely could have stayed there the whole time but we saw what we needed to and then we were of to Duluth.
Duluth was very bueatiful and here we are in front of Lake Superior. We next went to Ashland Wisc.
Here is his Apt. For the last 6 months and here is the veiw from his apt. Never once heard anything about this view or the lake. (boys)
Isn't it beautiful was very chilly also I kind of wished I brought my thermals it was about 60 degrees and people were swimming in the lake crazy!