Sunday, July 18, 2010

A new addition!

The other morning I went out and there was something swimming in our pool. A stinkin frog! Every time i tried to get it in the net it would dive down and swim away. I really don't like frogs. Wish Heather was here to get it. Zoom in on it so you can see it. (gross)
Our Watusi had a baby thurs. night it is way cute! I love the spots here is all the kids petting her. boy what a difference from the baby buffalo the mom is ok with you touching and petting it.
This is the mom.
I think we are naming her Jessie (like jessie in toy story doesn't she look like her chaps?)
Lindsey has started dance classes and she loves it and looks way cute in her leotard and spandex. She loves to show you what she is learning. Watch out so you think you can dance!