Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Happenings

Baby Richard riding the wiggle cars!! This was a fun day!
Hyrum Gus Dudley and his mommy playing at the ranch!

Heada took Hunter, Lindsey, and little Richard on a Ranger ride!
More of the chicks eating. Aren't they so cute?? This is a shot out to Butch and Rocky because we know you boys would be in the pen chasing those chickens!! We love you boys!!!!!
Lindsey Kay playing with the geese and chickens. She loves to look at them and get the eggs.
We got chickens at the ranch and a lot of them! They lay eggs and the grandkids love them! Hunter is afraid of them, and says ," If those chickens try bite me I'll Kick their A**.. " We don't know where he got that from.. but its so cute!

Heather's Spiral volleyball team had a banquet. And we love her the most out of all of our kids so we went and supported her!