Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Calli!

Happy Birthday! Today is Calli (aka guppies) Birthday What a great daughter! A very Beautiful daughter, Bride and Mother. We love you Calli and wish you a very Happy Birthday! Calli was born at 2:00 a.m. on the 31st. We joked because we got to claim her on our taxes for the whole year. We always tell her that everyone parties on her birthday!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Forrest!

It's Forrest Birthday today what a great son. If you know Forrest you know he loves animals and loves to hunt. Here he is riding in to get Buck and his Big Horn Sheep.Here he is with his Mountain Lion.
Happy Birthday we love you!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

It's about time!

Well it has been awhile and I thought that I might need to catch everyone up. Not a lot happening just normal stuff but life is good. Here we went to the Veterans Day parade in Apache Junction it is a lot of fun short and sweet and just right for the kids. After we head out to the ranch to eat lunch. Kids think it is so fun...This is Meagan and Daylan(Ariannas brother) and Joleen.
Here we have Arianna, Shalice, and Andy.
Here are the kiddos just waiting for all the people to throw candy.
My Baby girl Heather went to Homecoming. WOW! I can't believe she is that old. She looked beautiful. I remember when it was like pulling teeth to get her to wear a dress to church and white socks with lace. Oh my she has come a long way! She is a wonderful young women.
This is her friend Khaled. Nice boy and very cute too. They had a blast. p.s. I know her hair is black. Isn't it crazy? She likes it it has taken some getting use to but oh well it is just hair right?I have lots more to put on but that is it for know .

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A new addition!

The other morning I went out and there was something swimming in our pool. A stinkin frog! Every time i tried to get it in the net it would dive down and swim away. I really don't like frogs. Wish Heather was here to get it. Zoom in on it so you can see it. (gross)
Our Watusi had a baby thurs. night it is way cute! I love the spots here is all the kids petting her. boy what a difference from the baby buffalo the mom is ok with you touching and petting it.
This is the mom.
I think we are naming her Jessie (like jessie in toy story doesn't she look like her chaps?)
Lindsey has started dance classes and she loves it and looks way cute in her leotard and spandex. She loves to show you what she is learning. Watch out so you think you can dance!

Friday, June 18, 2010

where have the last 2 months gone?

My dad had eye surgery a couple of weeks ago. Poor guy has had 7 cornea transplants and none took so last resort is to take the eye out. So they did... He has had a really rough time but is finally feeling a little better. This is the day after surgery and it looks way better then it gets but he is a trooper and still kept us laughing even when he was in a lot of pain. I love my dad he is a great man he has endured a lot of physical painful stuff in his life but has bounced back and enjoyed it to the fullest. He always has time and had time for us kids and we did alot together, Hunting, fishing,water skiing, sports, and he never failed to be at every boring dance recitial and everything. He taught us to love our Savior and raised us to love and live the gospel. I love you dad and have a early happy Fathers Day!! You are the best.
Butch and his teacher Miss Jenna.
The Grad and his family
Butch loved school because his bff Easton was there too.
More of Butches graduation he loved school
Butch graduated from preschool. Such a cutie!
Lindsey loves to ride her bike. Such a big girl.
Here is Spiral 16 black at the Region tournament in Ariz. We won the 16 open. We are going to Nationals in Reno. June 29th
Spiral 16 blacks did very well took 5th.
Joleen and I took a really quick trip to Reno to watch Heather play volleyball .

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I don't know what happened but these got left out. Here is Rocky he doesn't really like Santa yet.
Hunter doesn't like him either boy will that change in a few years.
Butch and Lindsey being wise men in our Nativity.

Here is our Vegas trip. Really had alot of fun and totally can't wait until we do another girls trip.
Heather's new club team Spiral 161. They won second place at the Fiesta Classic.
Something new they make them walk out and wave something they do at nationals so they have started to do it here.
Fo's engaged.
Meagan and I got pressure canners for we are canning Chicken
Buck had a Helicopter ride everything was fine but needed to make sure, had a tussle with a mule.

Sterlings Big Horn Sheep

Well as you all know I am a big slacker so I will try to stay on top of this blog and keep it updated. Alot has happened in our mundane lives Calli was married, Christmas came and went Forrest is engaged and is getting married on the 20th. Heather is playing club and track Sterling got drawn for big horn sheep and shot one yea! I got to go on a girls trip with my sisters and girls and nieces and sister in law to Vegas it was way fun and way needed so I am going to put a few pics up and hope it will catch everyone up.