Thursday, April 30, 2009

Diamond Backs!

We went to a Diamond Backs game this week. It was alot of fun. Although they lost against the CUBS but we srill had fun. We set in the Home Run Porch It was a blast only a couple of steps for the crip to hop up and down and we had free food and drinks all night. It was fabulous.
Hoke and Diane went with us what a bunch of goofy guys (not Diane ) I snapped this just as Hoke had to cough but it was the only pic of Diane so sorry Hoke.
I think Sterling and Hoke ate 3 or 4 or 5 of everything on the menu. You can tell. Hoke just relaxing yelling for the CUBS! Load em up hit a dinger.
Sterling enjoying the nachos! (they were good)
And of course anybody who knows me knows I love cotton candy so I had to get one. Our sweet waitress ran out and bought me one so I didn't have to get up. What a doll! Oh and we rode that tram thing that was an experience in its self but it was fun met some new people and had a great time. WE picked it up at Sycamore and Main and rode all the way to the ball park. The fun was riding home with everyone else and there dog. I think all of Mesa rode this that night. All in all we had a great time but next time I think we will use the parking pass.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Well we are having enough accidents at our house. Tuesday Sterling was riding one of his mules and it in a gallop and went down head first and Sterling went with. He put his hands out to catch him but with all the force( and with a 1200 pound mule rolling on you also ) He came out with 2 broken elbows. So her he is he can't feed himself, scratch his nose head or anything, can't hold the phone to his ear,but he can laugh. We both just look at each other and laugh. 2 cripples taking care of each other.
The injured. I hope that we are all done with these darn breaks.
Grandpa with 2 of his boys. Butch and Rocky. Everyone has been very helpful and we appreciate everything escp. Joleen and James , Buck and Meagan. Calli and Heather, and Gina for all the meals and help, running to the store and just being SLAVES. Thank you and we love you!

General Confrence Sunday

We have a Tradition On General Conference Sunday Before the !st Session Sterling cooks waffles on the camping waffle iron. YUMMY! They are so good so here are some pics from that.
James is cooking some eggs.
Lindsey blessing the food and everyone and everything. She is the best prayer giver.
Spilled milk! And Grandma and Butch and Lindsey watching Conference.