Sunday, August 24, 2008

Another Boy!

Well never a dull moment. Saturday we were leaving to run some errands and saw that our Buffalo was laying down and giving birth. We thought she was pregnant but we weren't sure but I guess that proves it anyways she had a healthy bull. We haven't named it yet but are thinking about a name from Thomas the train. Butch loves Thomas. The other baby buffalo was born on Sterlings dads birthday so it is named( you guessed it Laurel). All of our animals are named either from the movie Man from Snowy River or Walker Texas Ranger except the Mules are named after my mom and dad. So we might name it Gorden, or Henry. Butch wants us to name it James.
This is it's dad giving it some nudges or love taps.
Here is Rocky getting ready to come home from the Hospital. What a cutie!

James gave G-pa a bubble gum cigar and he was being silly.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Baby Rocky is here!

Just awaiting for arrive.
Patiently waiting
He is here! He arrived at 12:34 p.m. Weighing in at 7 lbs. 1 1/2 oz. and 21 inches long. Looks a lot like big brother Butch. Rocky James Verenski.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

This is an Water Buck and is the last animal for Sterling to shoot.
This is a Dieker. I shot this animal. It is another little one and very hard to shoot at. Sterling had hunted for 3 days and didn't get one but, I took care of it for him. It was an awesome experience and when we go back I am shooting more. It's not my first animal to kill or hunt so it was a piece of cake.Oh and when I got back to the lodge they told me that it is a MONSTER Dieker. It is so big. well i think they were just humoring me but I guess it's really not to bad of a dieker.
We had to pay at some places for toilet paper.
Africa Sport Hunting Safaris the outfit that we were with does a lot of giving back to the community and they ask that if you want to you can donate money to be used to help the town school. We are in the town of Tolve. The school has 1st through 8th grades. Most kids don"t go any farther than the 8th grade if they go to high school the have to live there at the school which is about 11/2 hours from this one and cost about 1200 dollars(American) . So not very many have this money. So Kylie Matthews owner of A.S.H.S. is trying to set up scholarship funds and help this school. So we donated some money and she bought Track Suits for the whole School. It is winter there and most do not even have jackets so here are some pics of us handing out the suits. It was a very humbling experience .
Aren't they cute. Well that is all I am posting about today We spent three days in Kruger Park and will update about that later. Loved every minute there and missed my family back home. I truly can't wait to go back.
This is hunt day 6 and Sterling got a Gems Buck. They look alot like an Orax.
This is an Impala. There are millions of these everywhere in Africa I guess they are the big staple for all the meat eating animals.
This is an Stein Buck. They are small and hard to shot because they are fast. Hunt day 7
This is also an Impala. Sterling thought it might be bigger than the 1st one he shot. Hunt day 8
Hunt day 9. This is an Bles Buck.
This is still day 2 a Red hearta beast.
Ilene and I went on a Ladies breakaway which we did some shopping and site seeing while Neal and Sterling were hunting for the Big Cape Buffalo. We went to a Palm Tree farm it was really cool this is the only place that this Palm Trees grow and they were not planted. Just came up on there own but they are really cool
We had a dinner in the Bush and it was amazing these are some South Africans doing some songs and dances of there culture.
The Awesome Cape Buffalo
A Bush Buck

We are back safe and sound!

Well we made it back home. It was the most awesome vacation ever we had a blast. I am apologizing now for the many post but I don't know how else to do this so here goes a condensed version of our Africa Safari. We left July 14 Th and flew into Washington D.C. We actually thought we would do some sight seeing but everyone was beat from getting ready and so we just went to the air and Space Museum it was so cool . We left the next afternoon for South Africa and flew for 18 hours. We arrived about 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday and arrived at the lodge at 1:00a.m Thursday got settled in at 2:00 a.m and got up at 7:00 a.m. which was 4:oo p.m. Wednesday our time(I got so messed up on the time difference thank goodness for sleeping pills.) Our hunt started with a Wilde beast that is what is pictured.
Then a Kudu I was glad to get to tag along for these.
Then an Eland. These are big and beautiful.
This is an Warthog Disney really portrayed them right in Lion King they are so funny. This Hunt day 2. I was off at a Spa getting a wonderful treatment.
This is an Zebra so beautiful in real life.