Monday, April 28, 2008

Grandpas have the best toys

Sterling bought his dads tractor and him and Butch have been putting it to work. Butch loves to ride on the tractor (I think tractor was his first word) This totally reminds me of Buck with his Grandpa Leavitt on the same tractor 20 yrs. earlier.

This is Butch's Favorite video to watch. He says again, again.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Grand kids

I have two of the cutest Grandkids I know everyone does but I just truly adore this two . Butch is giving Lindsey a kiss.
We went swimming last week in our new pool that we haven't got to use much we are so excited for it to get warm so we can swim. They really enjoyed the oranges that we ate.
The other day Butch fell asleep while eating his lunch. He is so cut even when he is sleeping.
Butch and Lindsey are taking the ISR Swimming and these are his swim diaper so to speak we think it looks like a little Speedo and so we took a picture before he put his swim trunks on.

Elder Leavitt

This Elder Leavitt and his District at the Temple . Elder Leavitt and Elder Jemmett having Fun
Forrest Found a cool street sign. (check out the snow)
This is St. Paul Minnesota where Elder Leavitt is serving.
This is some deer in their backyard.
We love and miss Elder Leavitt but we know that he is where the Lord wants him to be. He loves his new area and is teaching a few people. He saya he is going to be the best Teacher when he returns home.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Our Ranch is expanding!

Well, last night Sterling added some more to our little Ranch he saw a Chicken sitting on some eggs at his moms house and thought Butch and Lindsey would love them so he brought them home. That night 4 chicks hatched and Butch and Lindsey loved them.
Wow! A Chicken and Baby Chicks.
What is that Grandpa?
He also brought home a Watusi an African Cow it is totally awesome. The horns are huge,this one is 1 1/2 yrs. old and is a Steer.
This an 6 month old one so we are in for a new adventure. These are way nicer than the Buffalo.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Our Little Ranch

Here are some of our Buffalo. That is Mom and Baby.
This is Miss Bailey our Horse.
This is one of our Mules, We have two they look pretty much the same.
This is Butch my oldest grandson touching the Cow.
Butch and Lindsey just love being outside and checking out all the animals.They love our little Ranch.

Taking Forrest To MTC!!

We took Forrest Aug. 15th 2007 to the MTC. My favorite cousin Steph took us to Elder Bednar's house. We had a great visit. He is truely a prophet of God. It was an experience we will never forget. This was at The Roof. His last dinner:(
This was at the MTC just before entering. He is going to Minniapolis Minnesota. We sure do miss this boy. But we know he is doing what the lord wants him to do.