Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mothers Day!!!!

Mothers Day was great. All my children that live here came and went to church with us. What a wonderful Church  meeting. Sterling gave me the best gift ever, I didn't have to teach the Gospel Doctrine class he did it. (What a great husband) We teach it together and the week before Mothers Day he was sick and I had to teach all by my self so he did me a favor love him. Here are all the gifts that i was given on mothers day.. I know I am so spoiled.. They all gave me a corsage. 
 Forrest and Arianna gave me this cute necklace with changing pieces I love it! And a jar of her Strawberry Jam!!! (score)
 Buck and Meagan gave me a coupon for 2 full dinners..Yes, I hate to cook,( been doing it way to long)

 Calli &Richard & Jo and James gave me a gift certificate for pedicures.(llooooove that! Also got the cutest video from the Verenski boys! loved do much i could just KISS"EM
 Sterling and Heather gave me a POINT LOMA T-shirt. I have to tell you why, Heather went on 5 visits to decide where she would go to college at every school we got a t-shirt but, at Point Loma we didn't buy one( the book store did't have any cute ones ) and so where does she decide to go... of course the one we did't buy a shirt. So now I have a shirt....yea!!
Richard and Calli gave me the LEAVITT sign that Richard made and Forrest and Arianna gave me the welcome sign love them both and already have spots for them. Thank you everybody for a great Mothers Day!! I love my children each of them and their spouses. I hope everybody had a great day and truly enjoyed the blessings of being a mother.. We are so excited for May 21st To come then all my kids will be here. Joleen and her children are flying in can not wait. Haven't held Danica since she was 4 days old... This Grandma is excited....Party at Leavitts all week....


Bev said...

YOu are lucky indeed....and you made quite a haul for Momma's Day!!

The Gurrs said...

Two posts in a month? Woo hoo! We love you too, and of course can't wait for jo to get here.

The Curry Family said...

So glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day!! You have awesome kids, and husband :-)

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